5 Reasons to Book a Party Bus for Your Birthday

When it comes to your birthday, shouldn’t you be painting the town red? At A Touch Of Class Limousine Company, we can help you do that!

Yes, you could book a venue or have a birthday party at your house—but booking a venue is expensive and can be impersonal, and having a party at your home can be stressful because it’s your space. Not only are there lots of bodies in your personal space, you also have to clean up after everyone.

A better solution is renting a party bus. This is always a blast, and there are so many benefits. Let’s start with…


In a party bus, you get to ride around in a mobile party with your nearest and dearest. No complicated “who will ride with who” conversations. No friends getting lost on the road. No wondering why so-and-so hasn’t shown up yet. Just everyone, together on the bus, getting off the bus together and getting back on together. It’s fabulous!

No DUI’s.

Everyone can drink! With a party bus, you and your friends can drink, dance, laugh, and have fun all night without worrying about how they’ll be able to drive. Party bus drivers are licensed and insured professionals who will get you everywhere and home safely. So everyone can participate in the festivities!

group of friends on a party bus

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When you’ve got 15+ friends, it can be difficult to bar hop. Having to wait for an Uber or flag down a cab when you have a big group of friends stinks. It’s frustrating, expensive, and a great way for the group to get separated. But with a party bus, you all just jump in together and have a mini-party before hitting the next spot. Or heck, just stay in the bus!

Truly explore where you live.

One of the great things about a party bus is you get a change of scenery. Driving from place to place keeps the night exciting and “alive”. Whether your choose to just be driven around the city or you want to location-hop, a party on wheels is a whole different experience than a party in a building. You can give your driver a list of places you’d like to go, or with some party bus companies, the drivers will act as tour guides and take you to the most beautiful/interesting/unique/hot spots.

The party’s customized to you.

It’s your birthday! You get to hang out in a party bus with friends you’ve chosen, riding to anywhere you want to go, with your favorite music, with your favorite drinks, and go to your favorite places. What could be better? The space will be tailored to what you want. It can be as squeaky clean or as decadent as you’d like.

So, as you can see, party buses are a definite good time for birthdays. You don’t have to worry about driving yourself or your friends driving after drinks, your friends can stick together all night long, you’ll get to see the sights of the city, and your driver will be professional and know the city well. You and your guests can just focus on having fun both at the destination(s) and on the way. Just enjoy the ride and arrive in style!

Are you ready for an unforgettable birthday driving all over Indianapolis in a party bus? Contact A Touch of Class at (317) 299-7433, or request a quote or make a reservation!

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